International Baccalaureate Programs

Henrico & Tucker High Schools

Grades 9 & 10

Students in grades nine and ten complete Levels Four and Five of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IBMYP). In order for students to qualify for the Henrico County IB Certificate, students in grades nine and ten are required to complete the following:

  • assessments in six IB subject groups
  • a score of at least a three out of seven on the Personal Project, which is moderated by the IBO
  • creativity, activity, service requirements
  • participation in the MYP for both grades nine and ten

Course of Study

Grade 9, Level Four

Grade 10, Level Five

Grade 6, Level One

  • IBMYP Language and Literature (English)
  • IBMYP Language Acquisition (French II or III or Spanish II or III)
  • *IBMYP Physical and Health Education IBMYP 
  • Geometry, Algebra II or AP Statistics 
  • IBMYP Biology
  • IBMYP World History & Geography II
  • **IBMYP Arts Elective

Grade 8, Level Three

  • IBMYP Language and Literature (English)
  • IBMYP Language Acquisition (French III or IV or Spanish III or IV)
  • *IBMYP Physical and Health Education 
  • IBMYP Algebra II or IBMYP Extended Math 
  • IBMYP Chemistry
  • IBMYP VA/US/Comparative Governments
  • **IBMYP Arts Elective
  • Economics and Personal Finance

*A student may take a non-weighted online or site-based summer P.E. course to create an opportunity for an additional elective.

**The six subject groups include Mathematics, Sciences, Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, and the Arts. The IB Arts choices are visual arts and performing arts. The grade ten elective choice should match the grade nine elective choice for concurrency of learning as required by the IBO. Course availability and weighted credit may vary by school.

  • All students must successfully complete the Economics and Personal Finance course.
  • Students must meet IB Middle Years Program admissions criteria through successful completion of the following courses: Algebra I, French I or Spanish I prior to entering ninth grade. It is highly recommended that students complete World History I and Earth Science before enrolling in the Program.

Grades 11 & 12

During the eleventh and twelfth grades, the student completes the IB diploma curriculum. The high standards implicit in the IB examinations assume advanced levels of achievement. The subjects that comprise the core of the IB curriculum are arranged in six groups. All students must complete their study in all six areas. Group 6, however, may include not only arts electives, but also subjects in other areas such as psychology or science. Requirements for the IB diploma candidate in Grades Eleven through Twelve are listed below:

  • Internally graded and externally moderated assessments in each subject
  • Examinations in six IB subjects:
    three at the higher level (HL) and three at the standard level (SL)
    SL = Standard Level (at least one year of study); HL = Higher Level (two years of study)
  • Theory of Knowledge course
  • Extended essay on a student-selected topic
  • CAS Program (Creativity, Activity, Service)

IB Subject Areas - Course Offerings by Groups***

Grade 11

Grade 12

  1. Language & Literature
    IBDP English
  2. Language Acquisition
    IBMYP/DP French (IV or V) or
    IBMYP/DP Spanish (IV or V)
  3. Individuals & Societies
    IBDP History of the Americas
  4. Experimental Sciences
    IBDP Biology or
    IBDP Chemistry SL
  5. Mathematics
    IBMYP Extended Mathematics or 
    IBMYP Standard Mathematics or
    IBDP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL or
    IBDP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL
  6. The Arts/Elective
    IBDP Art/Design or 
    IBDP Theatre Arts or
    IBDP Psychology SL
    IBDP Theory of Knowledge I (requirement for IB Diploma candidates)

  1. Language & Literature
    IBDP English HL
  2. Language Acquisition
    IBDP French V SL or
    VI SL or HL or
    IBDP Spanish V SL or
    VI SL or HL
  3. Individuals & Societies
    IBDP World History Topics SL or
  4. Experimental Sciences
    IBDP Biology SL or
    HL or IBDP Chemistry SL or HL
  5. Mathematics
    IBDP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL or
    IBDP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL
  6. The Arts/Elective
    IBDP Art/Design HL
    IBDP Theatre Arts SL or HL
    IBDP Psychology SL or HL|
    IBDP Computer Science SL

IBDP Theory of Knowledge II (requirement for IB Diploma candidates)

AP Electives are available


***Some courses and levels are subject to availability by school.

  • Students earning the IB diploma will have completed the requirements for graduation provided they have passed the end-of-course SOL tests to earn verified credits as required by the State of Virginia. (See Diploma Requirements for details) The student who does not satisfy the requirements of the Diploma Program is awarded a certificate for the examination(s) completed.
  • Adhering to the full IB curriculum nine through twelve satisfies the Virginia Advanced Studies Diploma requirements.
  • Leaving the IB program prior to completion will require a student to meet the original state requirements for graduation.