Regional High Schools

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies (MLWGS)

This regional high school offers an advanced college preparatory curriculum emphasizing government, international studies, world languages, science, mathematics, and fine arts as well as opportunities for international learning experiences. Eighth-grade students residing in Henrico County are selected on a competitive basis through an application process beginning mid-October through mid-March. Students are eligible to apply if they meet the following criteria:

  • reside in Henrico County, Virginia,
  • be enrolled in or have completed a World Language and successfully pass/passed the course for high school credit,
    be enrolled in Algebra I or a higher-level math course during the eighth grade year and successfully pass the course for high school credit,
  • have a B average according to Henrico County Public Schools grading scale for the four core subjects at the end of the seventh grade year. Students who do not have a B average, but would like to be considered as an applicant due to special circumstances, must provide a letter of explanation to the Educational Specialist for Gifted Education Programs, Henrico County Public Schools.

To ensure regional representation at each public middle school, the HCPS internal selection process has two phases. For phase one, HCPS will establish an applicant pool based on the composite score from the MLWGS regional application evaluation process. HCPS will offer admission to the top qualifying applicant from each public middle school that meets the regional established cut-off score in that pool. During phase two, the remaining slots will be offered to applicants based on the numerical rank from the MLWGS composite score from highest to lowest. Applicants participating in a special program such as the IB Program or out of zone program will be considered with the public middle school they attend in eighth grade. All home-school or private school applicants will be considered in phase two of the selection process.
Admission handbooks and applications will be available beginning the middle of October with an application deadline in early December. Eligible eighth grade students enrolled in Henrico County Public Schools are invited to apply through an online portal. Eighth grade students residing in Henrico County and not enrolled in public schools should contact the Educational Specialist, Gifted Education Programs, Henrico County Public Schools, (804) 652- 3765. For additional information, visit the Governor’s School website at


CodeRVA is a regional public high school, which opened in September 2017. The school’s design builds on Next Generation school models across the nation that rethink the use of time and space, leverage technology to advance learning, personalize learning experiences, and redesign curriculum to align with competency-based progressions.
Focused on computer science, the school offers the opportunity to complete high school requirements through a combination of blended (online and face-to-face) learning, integrated coursework, and project-based learning.
CodeRVA students are provided an opportunity to graduate with a Virginia high school diploma, an associate’s degree from the community college system, industry certifications, and paid work experience in computer science- related fields.
CodeRVA is designed to meet three specific goals:

  • Redesign the high school experience to better meet the needs of today’s students by reducing seat-time requirements and moving toward competency-based course completion;
  • Address racial, economic, and gender inequities in STEM-related education; and
  • Increase the pool of potential employees in coding and other computer science-related fields for central Virginia.

Each of the participating school divisions in central Virginia are allocated seats proportionally, based on overall membership numbers. Final selection of students is made through an independent, computer-based lottery process. Applications for CodeRVA High School are available through the website. For more information, visit the website.