Nontraditional Programs

Academy at Virginia Randolph

The Academy at Virginia Randolph (AVR) is open to all high school students who want or need analternate approach to education. In a compassionate atmosphere fostered by a competent and concerned staff, students are encouraged to develop their talents and skills needed to meet the demands of the 21st century. Assisted by school counselors and instructors, students design their own programs of study to meet their needs and to serve as a foundation for their chosen career. The staff works closely with students and their families to pursue the students’ educational and occupational career goals. School, family, and community involvement are all elements of the program. Students interested in enrolling at the Academy must complete an application signed by a parent and have school counselors supply the required student information. Once the application has been received, applicants will be notified of a required student and parent information session. Additionally, the prospective student and a parent must meet with the vocational instructor to develop a career plan. Acceptance to the Academy is based on space availability.

All students attending AVR will be working toward a standard or advanced high school diploma. Students may also choose to work toward a career and technical education certificate in addition to their high school diploma.

Center for Diversified Studies

The Center for Diversified Studies, located at the Academy at Virginia Randolph, provides personalized programs for students who want to complete their high school education and who, for various reasons, are unable to complete the last few courses required for graduation at their home high school. Options for courses range from college level to career and technical certificate classes. This nontraditional, flexible educational structure may lead to one of the diploma options described in Section I. The Center’s ultimate goal is to coordinate classes for students in order to help them obtain required credits for graduation. A personalized plan based on each student’s educational and career goals will be implemented to identify where the student will be taking classes.

Communities in Schools Performance Learning Center (PLC)

The PLC program is designed for students who have struggled in the traditional high school setting, but still have a desire to get their diploma. The PLC program, which is located at 2915 Williamsburg Road, will structure a student’s learning to meet individual needs in a much smaller school setting through online courses and credit recovery. The individualization of the program allows for most students to complete the program within 18 months or less while earning a standard or advanced studies high school diploma.

Edgenuity - (Online Courses)

  • High school students who are behind in credits or those who need an alternative option within the comprehensive school will be given an opportunity to take courses online. Online courses are monitored by a licensed teacher and are taken along with regularly scheduled classes at the comprehensive school. Online courses can often be accelerated because the instruction and assignments are accessible to students 24/7.
  • An Edgenuity contract is required. Students should have access to the Internet and a laptop at home. Students must complete the course within a specific time frame. If a student does not complete within the prescribed time frame an “F” will be reflected on their transcript.

Evening School of Excellence

The Evening School of Excellence serves high school students. Designed to help students get back on track, the program provides an opportunity for students to complete coursework and recover credits needed for graduation through evening classes offered at two sites, Highland Springs High School and the Academy at Virginia Randolph. The instructional program addresses the learning styles of students through smaller classes, more individualized attention, differentiated teaching strategies, and online course offerings. Students are referred through their home school administrator and/or school counselor. Please note there is an additional fee to take Evening School of Excellence courses.

Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP)

The ISAEP offers high school students the opportunity to graduate early with a General Education Development (GED) Certificate. Featuring a unique half-day schedule, students are given individualized instruction in a small group setting.

  • Serves eligible students who are at least 16.5 – 18 years old
  • Targets students with strong academic skills who have not been successful in a traditional school setting
  • Provides instruction for the GED (General Educational Development) Certificate
    Provides career counseling and occupational skills training through participation in work-based learning and exploration of post-secondary opportunities
  • Requires an application, mandatory orientation, adherence to attendance requirements and an entrance exam (Test of Adult Basic Education – TABE test).

Program for Academic & Career Emplowerment at VA Randolph (PACE)

PACE is a nontraditional program that serves overage middle school students. The program is designed to remediate students and allow them to experience success with their peer group in high school the following school year. This unique program provides students with small class sizes, an individualized learning plan, faculty mentorship, blended online curriculum, and project-based learning steeped in collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and innovation. Students also explore a wide variety of careers as they earn up to three high school elective credits.

Seventh and eighth grade students who are one or more years overage are eligible for the program. All overage students will be reviewed and recommended to the program by their comprehensive middle school. Overage students will be enrolled in PACE with the intent of them returning to the comprehensive high school or the Academy at Virginia Randolph with three to five high school credits the following year.

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