Mandatory Fee Schedule

Mandatory Fees 2023 – 2024 – (*Fees may be subject to change for 2024 – 2025)

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Art (36 week classes only)

1. General Art Fee (Art I, II)…..$12
2. Advanced Art (Art III, IV and V, Computer Art, Crafts, Ceramics)…..$12
3. Exploratory (Semester)
→18 week Exploratory ($6 for each session=$12)…..$6

Business & Marketing

1. Game Design and Web Development classes (ACE Center)…..$15
2. Adv. Game Design and Adv. Web Dev classes (ACE Center)…..$15
3. Medical Systems Administration (ACE Center)…..$15
4. Legal Systems Administration (ACE Center)…..$15
5. Hospitality and Tourism (ACE Center)…..$15
6. Tourism, Marketing, and Sales (ACE Center)…..$15
12. Cooperative Education (co-op) students…..$15

Class Dues

1.  Grade 12 (Includes Graduation Activities)…..$60

Driver Education

1. “Behind the Wheel” Instruction (3 Hours)…..$125
2. Driver Education Course 7040 – Summer Tuition…..$150
3. Evening School of Excellence Tuition…..$150

Family & Consumer Sciences

1. Culinary Arts Uniform-Lab Coat…..$65
2. Early Childhood Education Apron/Uniform…..$20
3. Specialty Supplies…..$7 Semester |  Yearlong…..$14 

Health & Medical Sciences

1. Nurse Aide Students*…..$115
→Includes Name Pin, Liability Insurance, Nurse Supplies (stethoscope, etc.), Uniform and Books)
* Please note: All Nurse Aid students will be required to purchase white shoes from the vendor of their choice.
2. Practical Nursing Students – Practical Nursing I Expenses (Senior Year*)…..$325
→Includes Name Pin, Liability Insurance, Nurse Supplies (stethoscope, etc.), Books, Uniform)
Please note: All Practical Nursing students will be required to purchase white shoes from the vendor of their choice.
3. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Includes: CPR Card & Name Pin…..$20, Textbook…..$85 and Liability Insurance…..$34
4. Pharmacy Technician…..$110
→Includes Workbook, Liability Insurance, and scrubs
5. Sports Medicine…..$76.50
6. Veterinary Science I…..$85
7. Veterinary Science II…..$45
8. Introduction to Veterinary Science…..$10 
9. Allied Health Care…..$30


1. Class Fee (Includes PT shirt, name badge)…..$30


1. Band Music…..$12
→Uniform Rental…..$40
2. Vocal Music…..$12
3. Strings…..$12
4. Theatre/Drama…..$12

Physical Education

Uniforms (Bid Pricing): One free PE uniform provided upon request annually to any student enrolled in Health & PE. Replacement costs for uniforms and locks (and tuition) are:

1. P.E. Uniform – Shirt, Short Sleeve (Gildan G800, S-XL)…..$5 (Unit Price)
1a. P.E. Uniform – Shirt, Short Sleeve (Gildan G800 2XL-4XL)…..$7.25 (Unit Price)
2. P.E. Uniform, Shorts, Champro (BBS5, S-XL)…..$6 (Unit Price)
2a. P.E. Uniform, Shorts, Champro (BBS5, 2XL-4XL)…..$6 (Unit Price)
3.  Lock…..$6
4. Health & P.E. – Summer Tuition…..$225
5. Health & P.E. – Evening School of Excellence…..$225

Technology Education

1.  Semester and year-long classes…..$10
 (This initial deposit is toward material costs where projects are constructed.)

Trade & Industrial Education

1. All Trade & Industrial Courses …..$20
→Lab Fee: Includes safety equipment and needed supplies
2. Additional Fees for specific Trade and Industrial Education Courses
a. Protective Clothing (where required)
→Lab Coat (Cosmetology)…..$20
→Welding Helmet, Gloves & Jacket…..$100
→Respirator/dust mask for Auto Body…..$40

b. Supplemental Workbooks for Trade and Industrial Classes
→Automotive Technology…..$20
→Criminal Justice…..$25
c. Barbering Tool Kit…..$175
d. Barbering II – Male Mannequin…..$45
e. Computer Systems Technology Software…..$85
f. Cosmetology (two – year program):
→Cosmetology Tool Kit…..$220 (Year 1 Only)
→Starter Nail Kit…..$60 (Year 2 Only)


1. Each Car…..$50
2. Replacement decals…..$2
→Parking Fines: 1st offense…..warning | 2nd offense…..$5 | 3rd Offense…..$10 | 4th offense…..$20

Out of County Tuition for Approved Variances*

1. Per Student…..$6,000
*Note: Tuition may be paid in full, or in two installments (e.g. in August and January)

With the approval of this document, the Henrico County School Board waives nonresident student per capita tuition ($6,000) for the children of nonresident HCPS employees who enroll in Henrico County Public Schools pursuant to and approved variance for the 2023-24 school year. Pursuant to HCPS policy P6-03-004 and Section 22.1-5 of the Code of Virginia, the families of nonresident students attending HCPS schools on an approved variance will be charged the actual cost of special education services and gifted and talented services (not listed above).

Henrico County Public Schools

2023 – 2024 Dues and Assessment for Voluntary Student Activities

Fees charged for voluntary student activities must be spent for the purpose for which they were collected. The fees charged may not exceed the amounts listed below without special permission through the office of the appropriate instructional director.

Clubs & Activities

– Honor Societies:
— BETA, National Honor Society, etc……$45
— BETA, National Honor Society, etc. Junior (6-8th grade)…..$24
— Quill & Scroll Society (Includes National initiation fee)…..$25
— Thespian, One-time induction fee (per student, 9th-12 grade)…..$35
— Thespian, One-time induction fee (per student, 6th-8th grade)…..$17
– Interest: Such as Drama, Latin Club, Pep Club, etc……$5
– Community Service Groups: Such as Key Club, SODA, etc……$15
– Publications Fee: Yearbook, Literary Magazine, Newspaper: Middle School…..$25 | High School…..$50
– T.S.A. (Technology Student Association) (Includes District, State, and National dues)…..$15
– D.E.C.A (co-curricular organization for marketing education students)(Includes District, State, and National dues)…..$18
– Educators Rising (Includes Local and National dues)…..$10
– F.B.L.A (Future Business Leaders of America): Includes District, State, and National dues
→Middle School Chapter (Includes Regional, State, and National dues)…..$10
→High School Chapter (Includes Regional, State, and National dues)…..$15
– F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America) (Includes District, State, and National dues)…..$12
– F.C.C.L.A (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America) (Includes District, State, and National dues)…..$16
→Choice Magazine…..$9
→Pin – F.C.C.L.A (gold)…..$9/ red/white enamel…..$3
– Early Childhood Education II CPR Certificate (optional)…..$10
– Early Childhood Education II First Aid Certificate (optional)…..$10
– Key Chapter (Option for Exploratory Programs) (Includes District, State, and National dues)…..$4
– H.O.S.A. (Health Occupations Student Association) (Includes District, State, and National dues)…..$15
– SkillsUSA (Includes District, State, and National dues) (Fee may need to be adjusted)…..$16
– Construction-Related Programs – OSHA 10 Training Course…..$15
– Cosmetology Kit to prepare for state board exam…..$150
– Set of Scrubs for Laboratory Work/Internship Opportunites…..$22
– SAT PREP Course…..$50
– PSAT* Testing Fee (Juniors Only)…..$18
– All AP Testing is paid through College Board…..$96

*Note: Fee is subject to change based on College Board actual cost