Educational Specialists Serving Middle & High Schools

Michael C. Kalafatis, 652-3756

Business and Information Technology and Marketing
Fahryka P. Elliott, 781-1812

Careers/Business Partnerships
Bev Cocke, 781-1811

English, Language Arts, and Reading
Middle School – Kendall B. Hunt, 652-3309
High School – Erica L. Basnight-Johnson, 652-3740

Exceptional Education, East Region
Courtney E. Valentine, 652-3803

Exceptional Education, West Region

Maggie D. Walsh, 652-3546

Extended Learning Specialist
Justine C. Jordan, 652-3027

Family and Consumer Sciences/EFE
LaRhonda F. Mason, 328-6254

Gifted Education Programs
Jennifer H. Conlee, 652-3790

Health and Medical Sciences
Jennifer M. McCrickard, 527-4660 ext. 82007

Health, Physical Education, and Driver Education
Mark A. Brandenburger, 652-3741

Innovative Learning Specialist
Jon Gregori, 652-3031
Katie Tarasovic, 652-3379
Rachael Toy, 652-3686

International Baccalaureate Programs
April W. Craver, 261-6440

Language Instruction Educational Program
Sarah E. Modrak, 652-3852

Library Services
Rebecca M. Hardin, 652-3700

Middle School – Michele A. Giglio, 652-3308
High School – Erven S. Tyler, Jr., 652-3753

Performing Arts
Christopher Moseley, 652-3759

Policy, Records Management/Transcripts TBD

Policy and Constituency Services
Cheri Guempel, 652-3714

Pre-Engineering/Industrial Careers/JROTC/ Agriculture
Daniel Fancett-Stooks, 781-1821

Eric M. Rhoades, 652-3758

Social Studies
Taylor Snow, 652-3752

Student Activities
John P. Carroll, 652-3761

World Languages
Stephanie L. Stockman, 652-3851

Specialty Centers & Programs


Gifted Young Scholars Academy (GYSA)
L. Douglas Wilder Middle School 
Jennifer H. Conlee, 652-3790

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program
Fairfield, George H. Moody, and Tuckahoe Middle Schools
April W. Craver, 261-6440


Advance College Academy Business Administration
Highland Springs High School
Chevron Artis-Black, 328-4000

Advance College Academy Social Sciences
J. R. Tucker High School
Sheralyne R. Tierseron, 527-4600

ACE Center at Hermitage
Dale King, Principal
Telephone: 756-3020

ACE Center at Highland Springs
 Dr. Emily Loving, Principal
Telephone: 328-4075

Center for the Arts
Henrico High School Stephanie L. Poxon, 228-2718

Todd Allen Phillips Center for Medical Sciences
Mills E. Godwin High School
Kelly A. Ostrom, 750-2600

Center for Communications and Media Relations
Varina High School 
Heidi H. Craft, 226-3139

Center for Education and Human Development
Glen Allen High School
Ryan M. Conway, 501-3329

Center for Engineering
Highland Springs High School
Billy W. Batkins, 328-4073

Center for the Humanities
Hermitage High School
Bruce D. Marr, 756-3017

Center for Information Technology
Deep Run High School
Lynne M. Norris, 364-8027

Center for Leadership, Government, and Global Economics
Douglas S. Freeman High School
Robert F. Peck, 673-3700

Center for Spanish Language and Global Citizenship
J. R. Tucker High School
Susan H. Hester, 527-4618

International Baccalaureate Programs
Henrico High School
Priscilla L. Biddle, 228-2745


The Academy at Virginia Randolph
Jesse M. Casey, Principal
2204 Mountain Road, Glen Allen 23060
Telephone: 261-5085

GRAD/Performance Learning Center
Victor L. Oliver, Principal
2915 Williamsburg Road, Henrico 23231
Telephone: 236-5730

Highland Springs Adult Education Center-East
Angela S. Watson, Outreach Coordinator, 328-4095

Mount Vernon Adult Education Center-West
Greg O. Lawson, Administrator, 527-4660

James River Juvenile Detention Center
Callis W. West, Principal, 556-4214

Virginia Randolph Education Center
Jesse M. Casey, Principal 261-5090


Henrico County Middle Schools

Brookland Middle School
Nicholas P. Barlett, Principal
9200 Lydell Drive, Henrico 23228
Telephone: 261-5000

Elko Middle School
Marilyn H. Royal, Interim Principal
5901 Elko Road, Sandston 23150
Telephone: 328-4110

Fairfield Middle School
Jamel A. Gibson, Principal
5121 Nine Mile Road, Henrico 23223
Telephone: 328-4020

Holman Middle School
Susan H. Proffitt, Principal
600 Concourse Blvd., Glen Allen 23059
Telephone: 346-1300

Hungary Creek Middle School
Robert J. Moose, Principal
4909 Francistown Road, Glen Allen 23060
Telephone: 527-2640

George H. Moody Middle School
Denise W. Doss, Principal
7800 Woodman Road, Henrico 23228
Telephone: 261-5015

Pocahontas Middle School
Thomas H. McAuley, Principal
12000 Three Chopt Road, Henrico 23233
Telephone: 364-0830

Quioccasin Middle School
Melanie K. Phipps, Principal
9400 Quioccasin Road, Henrico 23238
Telephone: 750-2630

John Rolfe Middle School
Debbie S. George, Principal
6901 Messer Road, Henrico 23231
Telephone: 226-8730

Short Pump Middle School
Kimberly G. Sigler, Principal
4701 Pouncey Tract Road, Glen Allen 23059
Telephone: 360-0800

Tuckahoe Middle School
Ann M. Greene, Principal
9000 Three Chopt Road, Henrico 23229
Telephone: 673-3720

L. Douglas Wilder Middle School
Erica E. Broudy, Principal
6900 Wilkinson Road, Henrico 23227
Telephone: 515-1100

Henrico County High Schools

Deep Run High School
Brian P. Fellows, Principal
4801 Twin Hickory Road, Glen Allen 23059
Telephone: 364-8000

Evening School of Excellence  Highland Springs High School
William “Randy” Mudd, Coordinator
Tiffany H. Byrd, Coordinator
15 S. Oak Avenue, Highland Springs, 23075
Telephone: 512-4101

Leslie V. Waller, Administrator
3820 Nine Mile Road, Henrico 23223
Telephone: 652-3809

Evening School of Excellence Academy at Virginia Randolph Lori Y. Huff, Coordinator
Jamette J. Todd, Coordinator
2204 Mountain Road, Glen Allen 23060
Telephone: 553-4342

Douglas S. Freeman High School
John P. Marshall, Principal
8701 Three Chopt Road, Henrico 23229
Telephone: 673-3700

Glen Allen High School
Reginald V. Davenport, Principal
10700 Staples Mill Road, Glen Allen 23060
Telephone: 501-3300


Mills E. Godwin High School
Leigh R. Dunavant, Principal
2101 Pump Road, Henrico 23238
Telephone: 750-2600

Henrico High School
Karin G. Castillo-Rose, Principal
302 Azalea Avenue, Henrico 23227
Telephone: 228-2700

Hermitage High School
Michael A. Jackson, Principal
8301 Hungary Spring Road, Henrico 23228
Telephone: 756-3000

Highland Springs High School
Kenneth D. White, Principal
15 South Oak Avenue, Highland Springs 23075 Telephone: 328-4000

J. R. Tucker High School
Arthur G. Raymond, III, Principal
2910 Parham Road, Henrico 23294
Telephone: 527-4600

Varina High School
Darin Thompson, Principal
7053 Messer Road, Henrico 23231
Telephone: 226-8700

Administrative Staff

Amy E. Cashwell, 652-3720

Chief of Staff
Beth N. Teigen, 652-3260

Chief Learning Officer
Lesley L. Hughes, 652-3754

Chief of School Leadership 
Ingrid G. Grant, 652-3676

Chief Equity, Diversity, and Opportunity Officer
Monica R. Manns, 652-3845

Chief Operations
Lenny Prichard, 652-3620

Chief of Communications and Community Engagement
Andy Jenks, 652-3724

Chief of Human Resources
Francine Bouldin, 652-3672

Director of Elementary Education, Department of School Leadership 
Stacey Austin, 652-37943

Director of Elementary Education, Department of School Leadership 
Scott D. Thorpe, 652-3736

Director of Elementary Education, Department of School Leadership
Candace B. Wilkerson, 652-3738

Director of Middle School Education, Department of School Leadership 
Deia N. Champ, 652-3676

Director of High School Education, Department of School Leadership 
Thomas E. Ferrell, Jr., 652-3848

Director of Exceptional Education, Division of Learning 
Donice J. Davenport, 652-3866

Director of Workforce & Career Development
Mac R. Beaton, 781-1810

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, Division of Learning 
Kourtney D. Bostain, 652-3865

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, Division of Learning
Michael S. Dussault, 652-3742

Director of School Counseling Programs, Student Support, and Wellness
Elizabeth W. Parker, 652-3307

Director of School Quality
Ann Marie Seely, 652-3306

Director of Psychological Services, Student Support, and Wellness
Christina Vitek

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